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A special Meeting of the Chester Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will be held as follows:

Date:  Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Time: 3:00 PM


Please contact [email protected] for information. 







The Chester Housing Authority (CHA) is seeking quotations for the performance of remote annual re-certifications of approximately 531 low income public housing program (LIPH) tenant files.


CHA anticipates entering into a contract with the selected respondent for a one (1) year term with the option, at CHA’s sole discretion, of two (2) additional one-year option periods.


Proposals are to CHA no later than 3:00 PM EST, August 1, 2024.  Please send proposals to [email protected] using the subject:  LIPH Annual Recert Services.





  1. Contractor shall furnish labor, equipment, postage, and materials necessary to remotely complete annual re-certifications, processing rent changes, and answering questions for tenants.


  1. Contractor shall assign someone to act as the point of contract for CHA.  This person shall:


  1. Communicate with the CHA Director of Housing to ensure that all deadlines are met and to ensure that all applicable CHA policies and procedures are followed.


  1. Provide CHA with a monthly status report.


  1. Contractor shall complete all work necessary to complete the annual re-certification, to include but not be limited to:


  1. Contractor staff will prepare and mail the CHA re-certification packets and all other necessary paperwork to each tenant and the tenant will return completed paperwork to CHA.  CHA staff will then send copies via mail and/or email (via a scanned document) of the returned paperwork to the contractor.


  1. Contractor will establish a form of communication for tenants to directly contact the contractor so they have a live contact for questions and information regarding their recertification.


  1. Hard copy files will be maintained for CHA during the term of the contract, and tenant’s file in Tenmast will be completed remotely by contractor staff.  Contractor shall provide CHA with the hard copy files at the end of CHA’s fiscal year, June 30.


  1. Contractor shall use CHA forms, letters, and software system.  The format of all CHA forms and letters sent to CHA tenants shall be approved by CHA.


  1. The Contractor logo will appear on formal status reporting to CHA and monthly billings; all other materials produced by the Contractor will appear as though they are CHA materials.


  1. CHA shall provide Contractor with remote access to Tenmast and EIV software.


  1. The Contractor shall act as a representative of CHA in performing annual re-certifications and as a result must be knowledgeable of CHA policies, HUD regulations, and the LIPH recertification process.




Proposal must be received by 3:00 PM EST, August 1, 2024, in the form outlined below.  Late submittals will not be accepted.


  1. Proposal may be submitted by mail, hand-delivery or email (preferred) on or before the due date and time above.  All proposals will become the property of CHA.  Submit proposal to:

Chester Housing Authority

Attn:  Quineice Harris

1111 Avenue of the States

Chester, PA  19013


                                                            [email protected]

  1. Format of Response:


  • Cover Letter.  Provide a cover letter outlining the components of your proposal


  • Qualifications and Experience.  Discuss your experience with respect to the work identified in the Scope of Service.  Identify the name(s) and title(s) of the individuals that will provide the services ad describe their qualifications and experience.


  • References.  Provide a minimum of three (3) references.


  • Proposed Fees:  Please propose a flat fee per re-certification for the initial and two option periods.


A special Meeting of the Chester Housing Authority Board of Commissioners will be held as follows:

Date:  Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Time:  3:00PM

Location: Via ZOOM


Please contact [email protected] for log-in info. 


Request for Proposals

The Chester Housing Authority, located in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, seeks qualified vendors to provide biweekly trash collection and recycling services at its administrative building, 4 community centers, and seven (7) residential housing developments. The CHA requests services to be provided weekly on Thursdays and Mondays.

There will be a pre-bid conference on June 14th at 10 AM at 1111 Avenue of the States to provide vendors the opportunity to assess the scope of work and ask questions regarding the requested services.

Proposals are due by 4:30 PM on June 21, 2024, via email to [email protected].

In addition to the cost proposal, all bids shall include a proposed start date, a description of how services will be provided, references, proof of insurance, and qualifications of key personnel operating and supervising the collection services. The CHA welcomes recommendations to achieve collection efficiencies that meet local recycling requirements. All employees and contractors are required to follow CHA’s drug and alcohol-free workplace policies.   

The current collection receptacles are a combination of individual trash bins and dumpsters as follows:

1. Administrative Offices:  1111 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA 19013 

Biweekly pickup

Current collection: 3, 55-gallon trash bins within a gated trash corral

Access via Madison Street, parking lot


2.William Penn Development:  160 units 

William Penn Community Center/Redbrick Café 514 Union Street, Chester, PA 19013

Biweekly pickup


The current collection is at five (5) dumpsters in trash corrals located at:

  1. 400 block of Parker Street (Odd side)
  2. 400 block of Aaron’s Way (Even side)
  3. 400 block of Frank Young Drive (Odd side)
  4. 400 block of Whittington Street (Odd side)
  5. Corner of Whittington Street and West Fifth Street


3. Ruth L Bennett Homes: 261 Units- Currently, 125 occupied

Construction/renovation activity will increase occupancy over next two years

Ruth Bennett Community Center 1315 W 9th, Chester, PA 19013


Biweekly pickup


The current collection is a mix of individual trash bins and 11 dumpsters in trash corrals located at:

  1.  1100 block of Carla’s Lane (Even side)
  2.  1200 Block of Carla’s Lane (Even side)
  3. W. 11th Street- Between Carla’s Lane and West Carla’s Lane
  4. 1100 Block- Tilghman Street (Odd side)
  5. 1200 Block- Tilghman Street (Odd side)
  6. 1300 Block- Tilghman Street (Odd side)
  7. Concord Road between Valentine Terrace and Tilghman
  8. 1000 block-Tilghman Street (Odd side)
  9. “                                                                             “
  10. West 11th Street- Between West Carla’s Lane and Tilghman Street
  11. Corner of John St. and Philips Place



4. Chatham Family Development  

110 households

Booker T Washington Community Center, 611 Central Avenue


Biweekly curbside pickup


5.Chatham Senior Building 600 Edwards Street, Chester, PA 19013

  1. Unit apartment building with trash compactor


Biweekly dumpster pickup


Access off the parking lot corner of Edwards and Logan


6.Heartly Homes 921-929 Avenue of the States

10 Households


Biweekly dumpster pickup

Access off Crosby Street dumpster in the rear parking lot


7. Wellington Ridge Development

110 households

Wellington Ridge Community Center/Site Office – 3000 W 13th Street

               Biweekly curbside pickup

8. Wellington Ridge Senior Building-3014 West 13th Street

24-unit apartment building with trash compactor

Biweekly dumpster pickup

2, 5- Yard Dumpsters, Entry off the alley behind the building


Proposals are due by 4:30 PM on June 21, 2024, via email to [email protected].


For more information click here -Chester Trades Education Program