Chester housing headquarters named after federal judge

A plaque at the entrance to the Chester Housing Authority Norma L. Shapiro Building honors Barbara Muhammad, Ernestine Tilghman, Ella Thompson and Yvonne Carrington

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Former Federal Judge Norma Shapiro Gets Immortalized In Chester

The Housing Authority Headquarters in Chester honored a federal judge who made it her mission to improve conditions within the city’s affordable housing.

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Gallery provides art works for Chester public housing

More than 100 guests visited an opening reception Friday evening for a first-of-its-kind collaboration to place art work in public housing.

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New Cameras at Public Housing Hope to Deter Crime

Lights, Camera, No Action

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Chester Housing Authority takes control of two sites from private firm

Residents of Wellington Ridge and Chatham Senior Village can look forward to their properties getting caught up on deferred maintenance now that the Chester Housing Authority (CHA) has come in.

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Philadelphia Inquirer: For 18 years she lived in Chester’s housing projects. Now she’s returned to inspire

For Marrea Walker-Smith, the words still sting.
“You aren’t going to be anything because you come from the housing project.”

Decades ago, a 10th grade history teacher at Chester High School said those words to her in conversation. As soon as Walker-Smith’s mother, Dolores Walker, found out, she headed to the school and told the teacher she thought his comment was inappropriate and flat-out untrue.

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