Chester City Blog: Steve Fischer is too cool for the Housing Authority

Steven A. Fischer has brought his New York City swag to Chester and totally revamped the Chester Housing Authority. Today we learn that he was rewarded with a new contract to keep doing what he’s doing ’til the end of time’ (in my George Michael voice).

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Delaware County Daily Times: CHA’s ‘less is more’ boss gets contract extension

More than a year ahead of the current contract’s expiration, the Chester Housing Authority has extended Executive Director Steven A. Fischer’s contract into 2021. After arriving in 2005, Fischer took a less-is-more approach, quickly shrinking the size of the CHA staff while increasing the number of services. Once in receivership, Fischer was able to help guide the ailing CHA back to solvency while increasing the number of programs available to residents.

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Philadelphia Inquirer: In Chester program, food for body – and mind

On a pleasant morning this week ripe for playing outside, Jahmad Lundy, 11, was doing what many adults would find abhorrent: He was sitting in front of a computer screen in a beige, air-conditioned room, transfixed by an online program displayed on a large television monitor. The program was graphing out sound waves inside the room, and Lundy – who wore a black T-shirt – watched as the lines on the screen grew larger and smaller depending on how loudly he spoke.

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Delaware County Daily Times Letter to the Editor: Judge Shapiro’s legacy – A better Chester

An extraordinary champion who made an incredible impact on Chester, federal Judge Norma L. Shapiro, passed away over the weekend at the age of 87. During her 20-year oversight of the Chester Housing Authority, Judge Shapiro took control of a beleaguered institution destroyed by decades of patronage and mismanagement and turned it into a high-performing agency. She proved that things could, in fact, be set right in Chester if its leaders were committed and willing to put in the work.

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Delaware County Daily Times: Chester Housing Authority targets Chester children for technology boost

The Chester Housing Authority is offering new lunchtime learning sessions that invite children to learn more deeply about the phones in their pockets to gain deeper understanding of the tools that automate much of the modern world. This summer the CHA has introduced curriculum for children under 18-years-old to learn the basics of coding, practicing on desktop computers in Google Docs and similar online-based applications, the kids will eventually learn the deeper nuances of computer programming.

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The Spirit: CHA expands summer food program to include computer coding for kids

The Chester Housing Authority’s (CHA) summer food program, now in its third year, is adding a valuable educational component this year – computer coding lessons, geared especially toward elementary school children. Since its launch in 2014, the summer food program has attracted more and more Chester families each year and is expected to serve more than 10,000 meals this summer. CHA executive director Steven A. Fischer determined that the program afforded a perfect opportunity to help kids learn the basics of coding.

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