The Judge – Jobs, Integrity

Hard to believe it’s been a year since we dedicated CHA Headquarters to our beloved Norma L. Shapiro. I’ll start a tradition and take this day each year to bring up remembrances of her where the Housing Authority was concerned. On this first anniversary, let’s start with two.

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Every good organization has this person. They are extremely good in their specialized field. AND they have an eye on everything else. When needed, they can fill in anywhere without much preparation. We have that vital person at the CHA, and it’s largely why we’re good. The letterhead says Maria Zissimos, General Counsel. It’s that and much more.

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Chief cook and bottle washer — an old expression to describe a person who does everything, from the important to the mundane.  At the CHA, we have the guy we call Chief. Most think it’s because of his most known function, that of running our small Police Department.  Think again.  Aside from the responsibility of keeping a 24/7 law enforcement operation on the streets, he also runs our IT.

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Minister of Section 8

Quite a few years ago, I was asked to address the Saturday morning meeting of the Chester Ministerium, then headed by the late Joel McGee, a good friend and supporter of the CHA. The subject was Section 8 housing in the city, and it was prompted by some animosity coming from one of the member pastors.  As any half-smart ED would do, I brought along my able Section 8 Director, one MARY MARGARET MILITELLO.

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It’s been a while since I’ve written. Been busy training new staff for the first time in years and just got through major report-writing time of the year. My next series of blogs will be about the members of our executive team, the men and women who stand beside me in the daily attempt to make sense of the world. I’ll lead with NORMAN DOUGLAS WISE.

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