Chester Housing Authority Takes Over Two Sites from Private Manager

Residents of Wellington Ridge and Chatham Senior Village can expect improvements

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Chester Housing Authority gives William Penn Homes $200K security camera upgrade

Chester Housing Authority recently completed a massive upgrade of its video surveillance system that now covers every inch of the property at notorious William Penn Homes.

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Surveillance cameras up and running in Chester’s William Penn homes

The Chester Housing Authority recently announced the William Penn Homes are now under complete camera surveillance. The installation is the largest security camera project to date for one of its mid-20th century-built properties.

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Chester Housing Authority Invests in Major Security Camera Upgrade at William Penn Homes

The Authority responds to residents’ requests to make surveillance cameras a priority

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Philadelphia Inquirer: For 18 years she lived in Chester’s housing projects. Now she’s returned to inspire

For Marrea Walker-Smith, the words still sting.
“You aren’t going to be anything because you come from the housing project.”

Decades ago, a 10th grade history teacher at Chester High School said those words to her in conversation. As soon as Walker-Smith’s mother, Dolores Walker, found out, she headed to the school and told the teacher she thought his comment was inappropriate and flat-out untrue.

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