Chester Housing Authority’s Community Farm Recognized as Mayoral Point of Light

The Chester Housing Authority’s community farm has been recognized with Mayor Kirkland’s first Point of Light, an effort to highlight positive activities happening in the city. At Wednesday’s City Council session, Terrence Topping-Brown, who directs the 2-acre farm and its programming at Ruth L. Bennett Homes, delivered a presentation about all of the benefits the farm generates; environmental, personal, educational and physical.

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The Spirit: Fire suppression devices going into every CHA kitchen

It’s called the “StoveTop FireStop” automatic fire suppressor, a device that costs only about $20 but can save the Chester Housing Authority (CHA) thousands in fire damage. Chester Fire Commissioner Travis Thomas joined CHA officials last week for a demonstration of the device for the CHA Board of Commissioners, which approved buying the devices for all public housing homes in the city.

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Daily Gazette: Documenting Oral Histories of Ruth L. Bennett

If you came up to the Language Resource Center on the third floor of Kohlberg the past few weeks, you may have seen a group working in the corner on a video project about Ruth L. Bennett. This project is part of an initiative by the Scribe Video Center to document precious places around Philadelphia. They partnered with the Chester Housing Authority to create a video about Ruth L. Bennett, who was a prominent member of the Chester community in the early 1900’s and the first president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Chester.

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Chester City Blog: CHA Commissioners Dedicate Day to Reviewing Rules

The Chester Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners underwent a day of training this month, devoting special time to reviewing the many daunting laws and rules that govern public housing. Retreating to the Pendle Hill conference center in Wallingford, the day was devoted to ensuring the board’s ability to provide proper oversight of the agency.

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Chester Housing Authority and Widener University students Mark MLK Day with Children’s Learning Activities

Activities linked to Dr. Martin Luther King highlighted the holiday Monday for children at the Chester Housing Authority’s Booker T. Washington Community Center. As their Day of Service, 20 students from Widener University planned and oversaw crafts and other activities for the kids and even served them lunch.

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